Hiring Real Professional Tile Cleaners

tile and grout cleaning eau claire, tile grout cleaning eau claireWhile tile is much more durable than carpet, over time its porous nature will allow dirt and grime to get inside the tile and grout. Dirt becomes embedded into the pores of the tile, dulling the beautiful fresh feel of the flooring. The tile will start looking darker no matter how much mopping you do. Mopping can pick up some dirt but does not target any embedded contaminants. This is where professional tile and grout cleaning comes into play. Steamatic located in western Wisconsin is a professional company that can help your Eau Claire home look as beautiful as it did when you first moved in. They are able to clean from the surface to deep within the pores of your tile and grout with safe, gentle equipment that will not damage the material of the flooring. Their cleaning process is safe for multiple types of tile including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, marble, granite, and more.

Why Professionals Are Better

Cleaning tile consists of more than technicalities. It takes precision, a good eye, artistic abilities, along with training and practice to be a professional tile cleaner. Technicians use advanced equipment that targets dirt with high pressure and high temperature. The equipment, agitation, and extraction are powerful forces that will turn your floors back to immaculate perfection. Even more so than tile, grout lines show the buildup of dirt and grime over time. When professionals come in to clean your tile, they are able to put a protective seal over your grout lines that will increase the longevity of the grout and protect it so it stays cleaner for a longer period of time.

Whether you have an event coming up, or you just want to freshen up your floors that are looking dark and dim, call in the professionals to help get the job done right. Over-the-counter chemical cleaners are not as effective and can even be damaging to your floors. Professionals really do have the best cleaning equipment on the market to make sure your tile is treated gently while still getting a deep clean. Sometimes we use the “out of sight, out of mind” theory for our floors. Behind and below our kitchen appliances can get just as dirty as the floor that is out in the open. Food, hair, and debris all buildup in these areas we don’t often look at. It is important to move your appliances once in a while to clean up all the areas they usually cover. Professional cleaners will be certain to clean the tile under appliances, and this will surely freshen up the entire room.

Routine Maintenance

It is a good idea to have your tiles professionally cleaned every 6 months. If you don’t want to have to remind yourself twice a year to call up your floor cleaners, talk to them about pre-scheduling your cleaning appointments. Upkeep of your tile floors will definitely be an investment. In the long run, it will save you time and money. 

Steamatic of Eau Claire

Steamatic of Eau Claire has long-term experience in handling the tile floors in our beautiful community. When you need your floors cleaned, rely on the pros who will do the job the right way, every time!