Tips: Tile & Grout Cleaning in Eau Claire

Tile floors can communicate a lot about an Eau Claire home depending on the style. They can be elegant, quirky, modern, farmhouse-esque, classy, chic–you name it. And now, thanks to modern flooring developments, you can even make your tile look like wood. With all these versatile ways to floor your home, you may think no two floors are alike. However, all tile floors, no matter the style, are susceptible to one thing: dirt. Particularly, dirt and debris can cause your grout to discolor, which can totally change the entire look of your space.

Did You Know?

eau claire tile and grout cleaningHowever, did you know that you could totally transform your bathroom or tiled area completely with just one phone call? Getting your floor back to the way it was in its genesis is easier than you might think.

While realizing your floors need help is a bit frustrating, you may not have even noticed that your tile floors need to be cleaned at first. It is easy to overlook the gradual collection and soiling taking place in your grout because the process takes place over a decent span of time. It is easy to remember to vacuum carpets when we notice them collecting debris, but often we are misled by the smooth feel of tile that we consider it clean when, in actuality, it is in desperate need of attention. You may mop, scrub, or spot-check your flooring, but there is still dirt, debris, and contaminants hiding in the depths of the pores in your grout.

Grout Getting Darker?

Did your grout lines originally appear white or light in color, but have since darkened or turned brown or grey? This is because grout is made from a porous material that is susceptible to trapping dirt and collecting debris. Over time, the debris from the many encounters your floor has on a day to day basis add up to dull your flooring and make it appear dirty, grimy, and outdated.

However, just because your grout may be discolored does not mean it is a lost cause. In fact, there are many restoration services that offer hard surface cleaning, including tile and grout. One such service is Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning in Eau Claire. These companies are fully equipped and experienced with everything you need to get your tile floors looking beautiful, fresh, and clean. In order to remove stains and dirt, the service will use high heat and pressure that has the ability to powerfully extract all the soiled components of your grout. The best part turning over your tile and grout cleanup to a professional service is knowing that they care, and will do everything in their power to perform a quality job and make your tile look as good as possible.

Not only can they clean your floors, but afterward, they can go the extra mile and seal up the grout. This helps you avoid further soiling in the future and to keep your tile looking brand new in the years to come.

Do you live in the Eau Claire area and want to restore your tile to its original beauty? Give Steamatic Restoration a call to get your favorite floor back.