Routine Furniture Cleaning – 3 Benefits

furniture cleaning eau claire, professional furniture cleaning eau claire, upholstery cleaning eau claireMost furniture owners are quite aware of the fact that furniture gets dirty just like everything else. Depending on the amount of traffic your furniture gets, your furniture may require cleanings more often than others. Your couches and chairs are exposed to regular dust and debris particles just like the other objects in your home or business, but it often is dirtied by more than just the dirt and dust floating around the air. Soiled clothes are one common reason for dirty upholstery and furniture. Indoor pets also bring in dirt from outside, but also dirty furniture by shedding hair and soiling on the furniture. Our own bodies carry dirty and sweat that can stain furniture and cause damage – not to mention any spills of food or drinks that can do the same thing.

When your furniture is unclean, the fabrics are at risk of wearing away faster. You can easily protect your investment by hiring a professional furniture cleaner to perform routine cleanings and apply a fabric protector that will help keep your furniture and upholstery cleaner and safe from unwanted elements. Here are the 3 major benefits of professional routine furniture cleaning:

  1. Improve The Quality And Aesthetic Value Of Your Furniture – If you have ever had visitors to your home and were embarrassed by the state of your furniture, you can relate to the benefit of the “aesthetic value” of your furniture. Clean furniture makes the entire environment seem more comforting and appealing, to yourself and your guests. When you host a party or have in-law’s visiting, it can ease stress knowing that your furniture is clean and inviting to your visitors.
  2. Protecting Your Investment – Furniture is not cheap! When you have spent money on your furniture, you want to know that it will last. Stains and other contaminants can easily dull and impair the fibers of your furniture causing it to wear away faster. When you have a routine professional cleaning, the equipment reaches deep within the fibers to pull out all dangerous chemicals and components that can cause damage. After the cleaning, your upholstery will look, feel, and smell 100% better – and it will continue to last as long as it should.
  3. Odor Removal – Odors can embed deep into fibers and fabrics easily. Everyday dirt and sweat will cause poor odors, but animals can intensify bad smells. It’s not just our four-legged friends that cause poor odors in the furniture, but toddlers can as well. Urine from animals and toddlers will easily cause any fabric to smell awful. You can easily remove the smells without just “covering it up” with a store-bought chemical by calling a professional furniture cleaning company.

If you live in the Eau Claire area, you can always count on the professionals at Steamatic to schedule your routine cleaning and make sure your furniture and upholstery last as long as it can. Our team of professionals is certified in furniture and upholstery cleaning, odor removal and protecting your investment so that it lasts. Call us to schedule your routine cleaning right away.