Why You Should Have Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned

A staple in living rooms across the country, for both aesthetic and functional purposes, is a comfortable place to sit and relax. We spend a lot of time on our couches, recliners, and sofas so it is only natural that they will sustain damage over time. Since most furniture pieces in our homes are pretty expensive financial investments, we want to be sure that we keep them in good condition. One of the best ways to extend the life, look, and function of your beloved furniture is to get it cleaned; and not just vacuumed or wiped down, but really deep cleaned by the professionals, like the team at Steamatic of Eau Claire.

What is Hiding in Your Couches?

Furniture upholstery easily absorbs dirt, dust particles, and bacteria that can not only ruin the appearance and smell of furniture, but can also be a threat to our health.  Since the fabric on our upholstered furniture can trap contaminants deep in its fibers, dust and dirt can degrade the quality and color of your furniture. Dust mites can be buried deep in furniture, and can even cause allergic reactions when coming in contact with our skin. The appearance of upholstery will degrade significantly if it is not cleaned properly and regularly. While we try our best to keep furniture looking its best with day-to-day cleaning and vacuuming, cleaning furniture on your own is not recommended. Vacuuming furniture only cleans the surface, and if you try to use chemicals or other cleaning methods you run the risk of damaging your furniture.

Dangers of DIY

There are many different types of fabric and materials used in upholstery, and not all cleaning techniques work the same on all fabrics. Using harsh chemicals can discolor and weaken the fibers in fabric cause and leave behind a residue. Just as there are many different types of upholstery, there are also different methods for cleaning. Steam heat extraction, carbonation cleaning, chemical cleaning, foam cleaning, and dry cleaning are all methods that can be used to get our furniture looking and feeling as good as new. Without the proper training and experience, it can be near impossible to know which technique will yield the best results for your furniture. Trying to clean your furniture on your own to extend its life can actually be counterproductive and leave your furniture worse off. The best option to keep your furniture clean and looking its best for the longest amount of time is to call a professional upholstery cleaning team.

Let the Professionals Do It

Manufacturers recommend professional upholstery cleaning every 12-18 months to keep your furniture bright and fresh. Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning of Eau Claire has a team of highly trained professionals that are educated in the proper cleaning of the many different types of upholstery materials and fabrics. We have experience cleaning sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, ottomans, and more. We use the best techniques and cleaning products to be sure that your upholstery is safe and handled correctly. Before beginning any cleaning, we test a small area of your upholstery to make absolutely sure that you will be satisfied with the results. We know that each piece of furniture requires unique cleaning techniques, and treat each piece with care. So when it comes to making your favorite couch look its best and last for a long time, call Steamatic of Eau Claire.