Protecting Your Upholstery From Pets

Pets are important members of families, and in many homes, are just as welcome on the furniture as humans. As nice as it is to cuddle up with your best fur friend to watch a show, sharing our furniture with pets means more wear and tear to our upholstery. So, how can you keep upholstery looking its best while also being pet-friendly? We at Steamatic of Eau Claire would like to offer some simple tips to protect upholstery:

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1. Set boundaries. Maybe you have pieces of furniture that are older, and not as valuable, or are in rooms that aren’t used as often as others. These pieces of furniture are more fit for pets, and can still provide comfort for them. If you have a newer, nicer, more expensive piece that you do not want your pets on, then set boundaries. There are bitter-tasting upholstery-safe sprays you can put on your furniture to deter pets, and other training methods to teach pets which pieces they can get on and which ones they can’t. When it comes to successfully setting boundaries, consistency is key. If you welcome your pets anywhere and everywhere, that’s great! It is also fine if you prefer them to stay off of your upholstered furniture. However, once you decide what is acceptable and what isn’t, stick with it.

2. Offer alternatives. Many pets live lounging on designated blankets, beds, pillows, or cushions just for them. That way, you do not have to shut pets out in order to protect your upholstery. Make that space theirs by leaving their favorite toy there, and praise them when they choose to lay there instead of on your furniture.

3. Use covers. Draping a blanket or sheet, or even buying designated couch and chair covers, can help keep your upholstered furniture safe while still allowing pets access. If stains get on the covers, it is simple to just take them off and wash them. You can get a variety of tailored slipcovers for sofas, loveseats, and chairs, or you can just simply use a blanket. Whatever you decide to go with, using a cover is a quick and easy way to protect your upholstery. 

4. Keep up with regular cleaning. If pets are allowed on upholstery, it is a good practice to vacuum or wipe it down weekly. Keeping up on cleaning will help prevent dirt, dander, and fur from getting imbedded in the fibers of the upholstery, and will help extend the life of furniture pieces. You can also rotate any removable cushions periodically so that wear and tear is not in the same spot. 

Even if you take all the precautions available, upholstery can still get dirty, soiled, or stained. Do not fret though, the professionals at Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning are educated and trained in performing the best upholstery cleaning In Eau Claire and surrounding areas. Professional upholstery cleaning is an absolute must if you want to protect the fibers of your upholstery and make them last longer, especially if upholstery is exposed to furry friends. Steamatic has been trusted by home and business owners in Western Wisconsin for more than 25 years, and will make sure your upholstery gets the proper care and cleaning it deserves.