Tips To Keep Your Sofa Fresh And Clean

upholstery cleaning eau claire, professional upholstery cleaning eau clairePurchasing a good quality sofa in Eau Claire is a significant investment. Because it is a place where you, your family, and your friends gather, you want to be sure your sofa looks its best. With the high traffic furniture sees, it is inevitable that a spill will occur at some time (especially if you have kids or pets!). No one wants to have to put a plastic cover over their sofa to keep it safe (talk about uncomfortable), so here are a few things that we at Steamatic of Eau Claire recommend you can do to help keep your upholstery spot free.

Use A Stain Guard

Stain guards are one of the best ways you can protect your sofa from being soiled. There are a lot of stain guards out there, so it is important to pick the right one that won’t discolor the upholstery. If you are unsure of what one to use, let our trained professionals treat your upholstery for you. 

Pay Attention to Fabric Types

All upholstery fabric is not created equally. When looking for durability and stain resistance, you should consider fabric with higher man-made fiber content. Natural fibers and textiles hold on to stains much easier than synthetic fibers. Also, synthetic fibers tend to be stronger, which makes them more durable under cleaning when spills do happen.  Leather may seem like a good option, since it can be wiped down easily, but keep in mind that not all leather is the same. Leather is prone to scratches, so it requires special treatment and creams to keep it in good condition. 

Have Rules in Place

Some people eat dinner on their couches, while others do not let anything near them. While banning food and drinks from the sofa may seem a bit extreme, it is actually one of the best things you can do to protect it from spills and stains. If eating/drinking on the sofa is part of daily life in your home, consider putting a blanket down to cover the sofa while you have items that could spill on it. The same should apply with pets. If pets are allowed on your furniture, you could protect it the same way by laying a blanket or cushion down over the sofa for your pet to sit on. Whatever rules you decide to have for your sofa, be sure to stick with them.

Address Any Spills Quickly

Do not wait to clean up any accidental spills; you should get them cleaned up as quickly as possible before they have a chance to seep further into the fabric. Gently remove anything on the surface and avoid scrubbing. Scrubbing your upholstery can actually push dirt and stains deeper into the fibers, while causing friction and damage to the fibers themselves. Be gentle, and use a stain cleaner to help lift and remove the stain. For persistent stains that you are unable to remove on your own, Our experts can help.

Any time your upholstery has been stained, the professionals at Steamatic will make sure that your upholstery receives the best care. By using the best techniques and cleaning products in the industry, you can rest assured knowing that our team will get your upholstery cleaned correctly.