Air Duct Cleaning

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Your air ducts play a vital role in the health of your home or business. Dust, pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants are collected in your ducts and are then distributed throughout your building through your HVAC system, negatively impacting your indoor air quality.

Having clean air ducts can have a significant benefit on the health of your family or your employees, while improving the efficiency of your HVAC system.

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How We Ensure the Cleanest Air Ducts

Unlike other so-called “duct cleaners” that only clean the vents and the returns, Steamatic of Western Wisconsin, a division of TRAC Solutions, utilizes a comprehensive approach to ensure the entire system is free of debris. Our patented equipment safely loosens dirt and debris from plenums and returns as well as ductwork and blower units while our powerful negative air unit extracts it. HEPA filtration is used to ensure contaminants are not redistributed in your home.

When You Want The Best In The Business!

We are committed to ensuring our air duct cleaning service is well above the industry standard. Our technicians are expertly trained and understand how your HVAC system works. They receive ongoing training and education to ensure your HVAC system runs at its most efficient level.

After your air ducts have been cleaned, regular scheduled maintenance can ensure your system remains clean and is running as efficiently as possible. We recommend an annual HVAC system inspection, as well as regular replacement of air filters.

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