Carpet Cleaning

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When your carpets aren’t looking and feeling there best, your home or business suffers. Get cleaner, brighter carpets and refresh your environment with professional carpet cleaning by Steamatic. Call for an estimate today!

When you want a clean and healthy home or business, start with the carpet! Dirty carpet doesn’t just look dirty, it actually has trapped dirt, allergens, and contaminants that can affect the health of your indoor environment. Odors are also absorbed by the carpet fibers, leaving an unpleasant reminder that it might be time to clean your carpets.

Clean, beautiful, and odor-free carpets are not out of reach. The Steamatic carpet cleaning process utilizes a proprietary cleaning system that delivers exceptional results. High traffic areas, stains, odors, and even bacteria are no match for Steamatic of Western Wisconsin.

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Why Our Customers Choose Steamatic

We are committed to providing the best carpet cleaning available at the best value for our customers. The proprietary Steamatic carpet cleaning system is incredibly effective at providing a deep clean for even the dirtiest carpets.

The Steamatic Process

We will arrive on time, and your carpet cleaning technician will discuss any areas of concern or special requests you may have.

We will always pretreat spots and pre-spray your carpet with emulsifiers and buffers to loosen and suspend dirt and other contaminants trapped in your carpet.

Our patented re-circulating system delivers clean, super-heated water to the carpet cleaning wand to rinse your carpets. The dirt and water are then extracted using powerful vacuums. The hot water extraction system traps and removes the dirt, and the high heat also kills bacteria that may be lingering in your carpets.

The process is repeated until all areas have been cleaned to your satisfaction. We guarantee cleaner, softer, and fresher carpets.

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Dirt and other trapped particles are abrasive and, over time, can cause damage to your carpet, resulting in premature wear. Stains and spots from high foot traffic can damage your carpet fibers quickly. Professional carpet cleaning protects your investment and ensures your carpets are clean and healthy. Call Steamatic of Western Wisconsin today to schedule your next carpet cleaning appointment!