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Tips To Keep Your Sofa Fresh And Clean

Purchasing a good quality sofa in Eau Claire is a significant investment. Because it is a place where you, your family, and your friends gather, you want to be sure your sofa looks its best. With the high traffic furniture sees, it is inevitable that a spill will occur at some time (especially if you […]

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Protecting Your Upholstery From Pets

Pets are important members of families, and in many homes, are just as welcome on the furniture as humans. As nice as it is to cuddle up with your best fur friend to watch a show, sharing our furniture with pets means more wear and tear to our upholstery. So, how can you keep upholstery […]

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Routine Furniture Cleaning – 3 Benefits

Most furniture owners are quite aware of the fact that furniture gets dirty just like everything else. Depending on the amount of traffic your furniture gets, your furniture may require cleanings more often than others. Your couches and chairs are exposed to regular dust and debris particles just like the other objects in your home […]

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Preserving Your Upholstered Furniture

Regular cleaning can help extend the life of your upholstered furniture. Furnishings absorb oils, dust, spillages, fur, and allergens on a daily basis. Clean furniture will look better and last longer in your home. However, it is important to not over clean the fabric, or use harsh chemicals that might damage the fibers. Manufacturers suggest […]

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How To Love An Old Upholstery Piece

If you have ever been so lucky to inherit a piece of antique furniture or have found an amazing deal at a flea shop, you might assume that reupholstering will be no big deal. However, professional upholstery and upholstery cleaning is a specialized trade and it can be a lot harder to DIY one of […]

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Potty Training A Toddler – Don’t Forget To Clean The Couches!

Potty training is rough! Every parent has to go through the ups and downs of trying to get their toddlers to transition from diapers and pull-ups to fully potty trained individuals. For some, this happens quickly and the transition is easy. For others though, the process can be difficult and can take a while. During […]