Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Looking to learn more about our Carpet Cleaning Services in Eau Claire, WI? We’ve got just what’ you’re looking for! Read out FAQs’s below to learn more about our services!

We recommend a very thorough vacuuming of all areas that will be cleaned. Move any objects that could be easy but accidentally knocked over. Contain all pets so that they do not get out as the technician comes and goes from your home.

We use truck-mounted units with 23-25 horsepower motors. We DO NOT use soap or shampoo. Soap/shampoos can cause residue to be left behind which can cause the carpet to get dirtier much faster. Our cleaning is done with hot water extraction. We have a patented re-circulating hot water extraction system that keeps the temperature at a constant 192 – 195 degrees. We use a mild alkaline pre-spray to loosen existing soil. The pre-spray is not harmful to pets or children.

Depending on carpet density, indoor and outdoor temperature as well as humidity, carpet should dry in roughly 24 hours. Drying time can be sped up by using fans, turning on air conditioning or ceiling fans can help reduce the time that the carpet is damp. If you have an application of Scotchguard, it may take a little longer to dry. The crew will get out about 95% of the water – it will be damp when they leave. The technician will place furniture on Styrofoam blocks to protect the feet/legs of the furniture where the carpet has been cleaned. These can be removed once the carpet is dry.

You may walk on the carpet with clean-soled shoes or stocking feet – be careful when stepping from carpet to solid surface such as vinyl – can be slippery.

Let your technician know about stains: how long has the stain been there? What is the stain from? What have you used to try to get it out? We treat stains with the appropriate solution depending on what it is from, color, etc.


At times you may have what is referred to as “wicking” This occurs when a heavily soiled area or stain is deep into the carpet and as the carpet dries, the soil down deep rises to the top of the carpet. The area may have appeared to be perfectly clean when the technician is done cleaning.

Yes, we do clean upholstery. If you are unsure if it is a cleanable fabric, our technician can take a look and let you know. If there is a tag that says DRY CLEAN ONLY, we will not attempt to clean it.

High traffic areas can be a little tricky. Even after a cleaning, it can still appear darker than the rest of the carpet because the fibers in the carpet are often worn down or broken from high traffic.

Please move all breakables from room that will be cleaned to avoid accidental damage. It is our policy not to move large items such as bookcases, dressers, beds, entertainment centers. We will not move computers, electronics, guns, ammunition, currency or jewelry.

Animal urine, especially cat urine, can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to rid from the carpet. Our technician will do the best job possible, however, we do not guarantee that the stain or odor from urine will be completely removed.

The technician will have a bill ready for you at the end of the service. You may pay with cash, check or have the technician call the office with your credit card information. If you are not home at the time of service, we will be happy to email the invoice to you.

Thank you for choosing Steamatic of Eau Claire to clean your carpets. Please call us if you have any questions that we have not answered. (715) 834-8822 or

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