Mold Removal

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We don’t just clean up surface mold, we find the source of the mold problem and eradicate it, safely remove all mold spores, and make sure your home or business is safe again! Call for an evaluation today!

Mold is a common problem for home and business owners. Mold grows because of excessive moisture and humidity. Homes or business that experience attic and basement leaks are prone to mold growth due to the long-term water exposure that often goes unnoticed for an extended period of time. Mold can quickly spread throughout your property and can cause an extensive amount of surface damage as well as structural damage.

We will find and remove mold from bathrooms, attics, crawlspaces, basements, and more!

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mold cleanup eau claire, mold removal eau claire, mold remediation eau claire

Why Do I Need A Professional?

In the DIY age, it can be tempting to look for various do-it-yourself methods to clean up surface mold. However, surface mold is usually a tiny portion of a much larger underlying problem. No amount of bleach, chemicals, or paint will adequately remove the mold OR eradicate the source of the mold problem which means that the mold will continue to grow and spread.

To get rid of mold for good, you need to hire a professional mold remediation company that has the proper tools and equipment to find the source of the mold and remove it. Many times, the source of the mold is from water damage in the property. Steamatic specializes in water damage cleanup and works quickly to remove the water and clean up any area exposed to it. Once the source of the water is removed, the mold removal can begin.

When You Want To Be Sure The Mold Is Gone – You Call The Experts At Steamatic!!

Professional mold remediation experts are trained and experienced in proper mold removal. They can remove mold safely, decreasing the risk of mold spores becoming airborne and spreading. Toxic mold is a major concern in many properties. Attempting to remove the mold on your own can be extremely dangerous. Mold removal and remediation should not be attempted by anyone that does not hold the proper certifications or does not have the proper training and equipment to do it the right way.

mold cleanup eau claire, mold removal eau claire, mold remediation eau claire

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