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Thousands of Americans lose many of their belongings in natural disasters each year. Whether you’ve experienced a major storm, fire, or flood, chances are many, if not all, or your possessions have been affected. You want to salvage as many of your belongings as possible, but you may not know how to properly clean them or have a way to store them during the restoration process. Steamatic of Western Wisconsin offers pack-out and onsite cleaning services to help you salvage as much of your life as possible to make the restoration process smoother.

Packout Services Near Eau Claire, Wisconsin

When your home is damaged by a flood, storm, or fire, you have to worry about your house’s contents as much as the structure of the building. Fire and smoke damage can destroy many of your belongings just as water from rain or a flood can drown your possessions and cause mold and mildew to grow. Quick intervention and removal from the scene are essential for salvaging your items. The faster you receive pack-out services, the more likely it is that you can save your belongings and the quicker you can get your life back to normal.


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The Process

When the expert technicians at Steamatic of Western Wisconsin arrive at your house, we will quickly develop a plan of action to salvage your belongings. If the disaster was localized to a single room, such as when a burst pipe causes a flood in the kitchen, we will focus on removing belongings from that particular space. However, if your home structure has been damaged or there is any concern about widespread damage, we will take care to remove all of your possessions. We will then sort and organize all of the items into similar groups while setting aside damaged items. We will dispose of items that are beyond repair and begin the restoration process on items we can salvage.

Once we have everything packed up and organized, we will move your belongings to our facility. This gives up a chance to restore items that need more extensive cleaning. However, the main purpose of moving your items is so we can store them safely while your home undergoes the restoration process. Knowing your belongings are safe, we relieve stress off your shoulders while trying to regain some sense of normalcy in your life.

Steps We Take for Proper Onsite Cleaning

Our mission is to thoroughly clean and restores damaged items before we move them to our facility to store until you can return to your home. While we sometimes have to use a more extensive cleaning process in our shop, we can usually provide thorough cleaning by performing the following steps on damaged items.

    • Remove obvious signs of damage: We’ll wipe down all solid items to remove any traces of soot or mildew that may be present.
    • Use chemical treatments for porous items: Upholstered furniture, rugs, and stuffed animals can all absorb smoke and water damage. We will plunge these items into a special cleaning solution made with top-quality chemicals.
    • Dry the items: With high-capacity heaters and blowers, we’ll remove every trace of moisture from your belongings.
We Come Take Care of You

Located at the end of London Road, just off of Golf Road, Steamatic of Western Wisconsin is in a great location to provide pack-out and onsite cleaning services to residents in Eau Claire. Our spot near the major intersection of Interstate 94 and Highway 93 makes it easy for us to respond to emergencies quickly so we can salvage as many of your belongings as possible.

With Packout On-Site Cleaning, Steamatic of Western Wisconsin will come to your location to gather, organize, document contents after a disaster. Whether it’s fire, water, mold, or storm damage, we will work with you and insurance to help determine what is salvageable in disaster situations.

If you have endured any type of disaster that requires quick mitigation to save your possessions, call us today to get started on the restoration process.

The Steamatic Difference

Quick Response: Steamatic of Western Wisconsin’s rapid response capabilities are unmatched in the restoration industry. First responders can quickly assess your home or business and enact immediate, preventative measures to reduce further damage and secure the property.

Emergency Board-Up: To ensure and protect your valued property, we can be on-site with professionally trained staff quickly.

Pack Out or On-Site Cleaning: Depending on the extent of damage contents can be cleaned on-site or removed for processing at a secure Steamatic of Western Wisconsin facility.

Dehumidification and Drying: The drying professionals at Steamatic of Western Wisconsin remove water and stabilize the environment.

Proven Systems: Steamatic of Western Wisconsin produces its own line of proven, proprietary chemicals and cleaning equipment to safely and effectively clean and restore your home or business.

Residential and Commercial Service: Steamatic of Western Wisconsin provides recovery services for both residential and commercial customers. For your home or business, eliminating stress and reducing interruption are our goals.



When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

Request Custom Services like Pack Out Onsite Cleaning Now.


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