Be Proactive to Prevent Water Damage This Winter

Be Proactive to Prevent Water Damage This Winter

Hey Wisconsinites, who’s ready for the cold weather? 

Unfortunately for homeowners, those frigid temperatures can take a toll on your property. There’s a reason why the remediation specialists at Steamatic of Western Wisconsin in Eau Claire are consistently so busy in the spring.

The damage responsible for flooding homes often occurs during the winter months. Frozen water pipes burst. Ice dams on your roof can lead to ice creeping under the tiles and leaking into your home.

If the worst should occur, Steamatic can help! However, there are things you can do to reduce the chances that you’ll ever need to call us.

Whether you’re heading someplace warm for the winter or you’re spending the season here, it pays to be mindful of the weather conditions outside your home.

Some Friendly Advice for Safeguarding Your Home from the Cold

Chances are this isn’t your first winter in the state.

When the mercury in the thermometer drops below freezing or the forecast calls for snow, you need to be on guard. Better yet, you want to take steps in the fall to ensure your home is as protected as can be when the deep freeze hits.

Watch Out for Frozen Pipes

If you’ve lost water pressure or you’ve noticed water spots on the ceiling, floor, or along the walls after a cold snap, you may have experienced a burst pipe. We don’t have to tell you how stressful water damage can be when the weather is at its coldest! We suggest the following preventative measures:

  • Use heat tape on any exposed pipes in unheated areas.
  • On the coldest days, open the cabinet doors under your sinks to allow heat to access the pipes in your kitchen, bathrooms, etc.
  • Although some people may wish to save on their heating bills, you’ll want to leave the thermostat at a warm, comfortable temperature at night and when you’re away.
  • Flowing water prevents pipes from freezing; even a slight trickle or drip can help prevent pipe freeze when the temperatures outside are frigid.
  • Remember to disconnect your garden hose and store it somewhere inside.
  • Buy a frost-free exterior faucet to prevent ice from damaging your outdoor taps.

Ice Dam Prevention

The heat from your home helps melt the snow off your roof. The bad part is this water can refreeze in your gutters. Excess ice and snow will continue to build, forming an ice dam. Not only do you have to worry about those dangerous icicles hanging along the edge of your roof, but it’s usually a sign that ice dams are present.

  • Make sure your gutters are free of leaves and debris in the fall.
  • Buy a roof rake to clean excess snow off the roof as part of your shoveling routine.
  • Keep your attic cool by making sure any roof vents are unobstructed.
  • Insulate your home to keep the attic cool and your living space warm.
  • Purchase and install heated de-icing cables on your roof before the weather turns.

Other Advice 

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. A little extra care and attention can save you a lot of headaches and expense down the line.

  • Have your sump pump tested to ensure it works before you need it.
  • Have your water heater checked for any signs of deterioration.
  • Check your home for any signs of water damage, including mold or mildew.
  • Do your best to shovel snow away from your home’s foundation to prevent flooding.

I Need Help

If your home has been breached by water, don’t waste time fretting about it or trying to solve the situation yourself. Call the pros at Steamatic in Eau Claire to clean up the problem immediately. 

Steamatic of Western Wisconsin is available around-the-clock to handle your emergency call. If you require water damage restoration, dehumidification, or mold remediation, our service professionals are always ready to help.