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positive review  Steam magic did a great job at my house! The customer service of the gentleman who came out to do the carpets was very knowledgeable and confident of his work! Great customer service all around! I will have them back in the spring! Thanks again!! K. Fox

thumb Kevin V. Fox
December 15, 2020

positive review  Great work and professionalism.

thumb Maria Stracke
December 8, 2020

positive review  They were very easy to schedule, they arrived on time and completed the work in a very timely manner. They also cleaned up after themselves.

thumb Dan Market
December 1, 2020

positive review  They just did all 4 of our bedrooms and our carpet looks brand new. Great job!

thumb Megan Stokke
November 5, 2020

positive review  Hi, I just had Jake come and clean our carpets today and he was so friendly and did such a great job! I would highly recommend Steamatic if you’re thinking of getting your carpets cleaned. Jenny

thumb Jennifer Zimmerman-Berry
August 25, 2020

positive review  We had 3 older chairs cleaned today and Jake did an amazing job restoring them! Happy we selected Steamatic!

thumb Suzy Sivertson
August 14, 2020

Brett was very professional, called to let me know when he would arrive, worked quickly, and explained what work he had done. He put on a mask when I asked if he had been vaccinated. Satisfied.

thumb ann mckinley
May 20, 2021

Caleb was absolutely amazing in this clean. He was cordial, professional, thorough and detailed in the service. We have been rescheduled ding in this home since 2018 and the carpet was old and stained when we got here. After Caleb, those issues are no more. Recommend 10/10.

thumb Aaron Abram
April 22, 2022

Brett from Steamatic called 30 min before the scheduled appointment time to give us a heads up that he was on his way. 🙂 After looking at our furnace runs, he stated that he could only do justice to about half the runs due the the layout. I didn’t feel it was worth the time & money to proceed at this time. He then continued to educate us on our filters & simple things we could do to ensure a healthy furnace & best air quality for our home. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you for your time & professional staff! Deb

thumb Debbra Erickson
May 20, 2022

Easy to set up an appointment - carpet looks great. Jake was very friendly and did a great job!

thumb Jessica Holmstadt
August 2, 2021

Dave Anderson was a huge help mitigating and arranging for the repair of my bathroom. He was thorough and I would highly recommend Steamatic.

thumb Amy Lang
September 21, 2021

I would not recommend Steamatic at all. They do not include customers in their selection of contractors and subcontractors (who are each getting a percentage of the profit and, therefore, over charge). Their painting company did not review the work to be done with me prior to starting; and they ordered the wrong colors and kinds of paint. I came home to find a bunch of apparent college-age people in my house stabbing the ceiling with paintbrushes (they did not even know how to hold the brush). They were not painting professionals by any means. When I determined that I would find my own subcontractors for the work, the owner of Steamatic changed her demeanor entirely, and she went from being friendly and accommodating to harsh and demanding. There was no compassion whatsoever toward a person whose family was displaced from their home after a house fire. When I had a remaining balance of a few thousand dollars from the $90,000+ I already paid, my file was submitted to collections at the 90-day mark. Moreover, when I sent photos of a couple of items which were damaged in the moving process, the owner denied that they could have done the damage. I would NEVER use Steamatic again. It's difficult enough to go through a house fire; do NOT select a business who makes every step of the repair/cleaning process even more traumatic. There are other places that do it better, cheaper, and with professionalism and compassion towards its customers.

thumb Tami Weiss
May 20, 2022

Would You like to Share Your Steamatic Experience?


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