Wind, Hurricane & TornadoStorm Damage Restoration in Eau Claire, WI

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Storm Damage Restoration Services in Eau Claire, WI

Severe storms can cause devastating damage to both residential and commercial buildings. Quick restoration is crucial for restoring your building to its former glory whether it was damaged by high winds, or other weather issues. Steamatic of Western Wisconsin can help you restore your home or commercial property after it sustains significant wind damage.


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Eau Claire Wind Damage Restoration Services

High winds can cause an incredible amount of damage. They can shatter windows, tear down trees, and cause significant structural damage to buildings on the property. Steamatic of Western Wisconsin works with most major insurers so we can respond immediately when damaging winds stop. This allows us to minimize damage and restore your property quickly and efficiently. We provide the following services.

      • Tree removal: We clean up fallen trees and branches and remove them from your property.
      • Tarp placement: When the wind has damaged your roof or torn it off the building, we place tarps to prevent environmental damage until we can replace the roof.
      • Structural repair: When wind damages the structure of your building, it becomes unstable and unsafe so we work quickly to stabilize the structure so you can resume your normal routine.
      • Debris hauling: When strong storms dump a lot of debris in your yard or leave remnants of your home scattered around the property, we remove the debris.
      • Window board-ups: Not only do shattered windows make you feel unsafe, but they also allow environmental hazards to further damage your home. We clean up the glass and board up broken windows until we can replace them to reduce the amount of damage your home sustains.
      • Demolition: In some cases, wind damage is too significant to be repaired easily. We tear down buildings that are beyond repair and rebuild them.

Tornado Damage Restoration Services in Eau Claire

Tornados are dangerous because they can cause astronomical damage in a matter of minutes. The strong winds associated with these types of storms can be up to 200 mph and are capable of lifting objects off the ground in extreme cases.

Even weak tornados can cause incredible damage so if your property encounters one of these natural disasters, chances are good that it will need some form of wind damage repair. Similar to our approach for dealing with wind damage caused by hurricanes, Steamatic of Western Wisconsin first assesses the property for wind damage. We then repair structural damage to ensure the building is safe for you and our workers. Once we know the building is sound, we can minimize additional damage by covering broken windows or missing portions of the roof. We then replace these missing components to restore your building to its normal appearance and move our attention to the surrounding property. Our final step is to remove fallen trees, branches, and other debris from the yard so your property is completely restored.

Why Choose the Steamatic of Western Wisconsin?

 At Steamatic of Western Wisconsin, we repair all types of wind damage to ensure your home or commercial building is safe. If your home has been damaged by a hurricane/tornado, contact us immediately to resolve the issue and completely restore your property.


When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

Our Customer Testimonials

“Brett was very professional, called to let me know when he would arrive, worked quickly, and explained what work he had done. He put on a mask when I asked if he had been vaccinated. Satisfied.”

— Ann M.

Request Emergency Response Now for Wind Catastrophe Damage.



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