Don’t Neglect Your Tile and Grout

Nothing brings your beautiful Eau Claire home together like clean, fresh tile. If you are currently thinking a phrase along the lines of, “My tile really doesn’t look so clean, fresh, and inviting,” then it is probably time to call your local tile and grout cleaning company. Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning would be a perfect […]

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Tips: Tile & Grout Cleaning in Eau Claire

Tile floors can communicate a lot about an Eau Claire home depending on the style. They can be elegant, quirky, modern, farmhouse-esque, classy, chic–you name it. And now, thanks to modern flooring developments, you can even make your tile look like wood. With all these versatile ways to floor your home, you may think no […]

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Hiring Real Professional Tile Cleaners

While tile is much more durable than carpet, over time its porous nature will allow dirt and grime to get inside the tile and grout. Dirt becomes embedded into the pores of the tile, dulling the beautiful fresh feel of the flooring. The tile will start looking darker no matter how much mopping you do. Mopping […]

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Kitchen Tile Cleaning – Don’t Forget To Move The Appliances!

The holidays are coming and everyone is getting their homes ready for family, meals, and memories! One of the first things homeowners do when the holidays are near is call professional floor cleaners to come in and deep clean the carpets, area rugs, furniture, and hard floor surfaces. Especially the tile and grout in the […]