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Tips for Winter Mold Prevention in Wisconsin

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful.”

And the mold growing inside your home is potentially much worse. 

This time of year, most Wisconsinites are focused more on the snowy conditions outside their windows. People incorrectly assume that mold is a warm weather issue. 

As your mold remediation specialists in Eau Claire, Steamatic of Western Wisconsin is here to help with a little friendly advice. 

Fungus Doesn’t Like the Cold Either

Unfortunately, winter conditions often contribute to increased mold growth indoors. There are several reasons why: 

  • Mold thrives when we bump up the temperature on our thermostats.
  • Most people never open their windows during the frosty months to let in fresh air.
  • We close our doors on colder rooms and basements, disrupting airflow, which allows mold to flourish.
  • Humidifier use increases indoor moisture. 
  • Snow tracked into homes creates wet spots on carpets and puddles in closets and laundry rooms.
  • Window condensation can lead to moldy window sills, drywall, blinds, and curtains.

Once mold takes hold in your attic, your basement, or anywhere in your home, it’s best to seek out professional cleaning services to ensure that the mold doesn’t return.

The presence of mold can trigger allergies and negatively affect your long-term respiratory health. Mold develops quickly (within 24-48 hours), and its spores can travel from room to room. 

Prevent Mold Growth During the Winter Months

Steamatic of Western Wisconsin has eliminated our fair share of mold over the years. Maintaining a clean, well-insulated home with good airflow is your best defense against mold infestation. 

Here are ten simple preventive tips. 

  1. Get a digital dehumidifier with a read-out screen. Make sure the relative humidity level in your home stays below 60% (as recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency).
  2. Always use your exhaust fans when cooking or using your shower; leave bathroom fans running for at least 20-30 minutes afterward.
  3. Dry off any condensation you see forming on your windows immediately. 
  4. Don’t allow cardboard boxes to sit on concrete in your basement or garage (mold loves paper). Use sealed plastic bins for storage instead. 
  5. Try to keep beds and other large furniture away from outside walls as much as possible. This separation helps improve airflow.
  6. Keep firewood for your fireplace outside your home until it’s ready for use. And never burn moldy wood to get rid of it!
  7. Be on the lookout for any signs of interior or exterior damage that could lead to water getting into your home. Inspect your gutters and attic after bad storms.
  8. Vacuum regularly and pay attention to areas where the carpeting meets the wall to check for growth (green, white, or black discoloration). 
  9. Open up your window coverings to allow natural light in and warm air to access the panes. 
  10. Make sure to clean your lint trap every time you do a load of laundry to prevent blockages.

What to Do If I Discover Mold?

The problem with mold is that it doesn’t just live on the surface of objects. It gets underneath the carpeting and wallpaper and lives inside the walls. Improper cleaning can result in releasing more spores into the air. 

Remember, safety precautions must always be taken, even if you’re dealing with a relatively tiny mold patch.

When it comes to mold, the safest choice is to contact Steamatic of Western Wisconsin. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your property has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for the safety of everyone in your home. 

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